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The Bridge Institute is a global, non-partisan, apolitical, non-profit organisation that believes we solve the world’s most intractable problems by unlocking the ecosystem.
For the past 15 years, the Bridge Institute has provided peace building, reconciliation, government relations, communications, finance, global health, geopolitics, and strategy services to governments, corporates, foundations, and philanthropists around the world. Our core team brings together a wealth of expertise, drawing on a rich tapestry of professional backgrounds to deliver comprehensive feasibility analyses, background reports, industry roadmaps, stakeholder interviews, stakeholder relations, public surveys, and insights into international governance.

We are driven and led by the pressing challenges of our time which are defined in the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
Our Management Team
Our collective expertise and passion for innovation drive our mission to deliver impactful solutions.
Mac McKenzie
Mac McKenzie (UK)
Jane Sassienie
Jane Sassienie (UK)
Head of Capability, Impact and Design
Fiona Macintyre
Fiona Macintyre (UK)
Chief Architect
Jerry Connor
Jerry Connor (Australia)
Head of Strategy
Ifrah Butt
Ifrah Butt (India)
Director of Programmes, Asia
Suzanne Darkins (UK)
Head of Finance
Gabriela Karch (Germany)
Director of Communications
Barney Hill (UK)
Operations Manager
Our Board of Trustees
The Board of Trustees sets the strategy and provides the governance for the Institute. They have joined because of their expertise and experience in a number of key areas for the Institute, including peace building, reconciliation, government relations, communications, finance, global health, geopolitics and strategy.
Jonathan Wright
Jonathan Wright (USA)
Naina Batra
Naina Batra (Singapore)
Jim Walker
Jim Walker (USA)
Declan Doogan
Declan Doogan M.D, FRCP (Glasg.) (USA)
Shashi Velath
Shashi Velath (India)
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Explore the latest updates and insights from our work around the globe. Discover brief, impactful stories and innovative strategies making a difference.
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