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The world’s biggest challenges are all deeply systemic.

No-one can solve them on their own – no government , no business, no philanthropist or foundation. These challenges require us to come together for the long haul.
We need to collaborate on a level never seen before. The Bridge Institute is dedicated to enabling this by:
Identifying systemic challenges
We work with key stakeholders to identify systemic challenges.
Building powerful coalitions
We bring leaders from government, business, and civil society who have the courage, care, and power to solve each challenge together.
Facilitating a breakthrough event
We use our unique Breakthrough Hourglass process to help these coalitions of leaders see the world differently, develop new insights and create transformative solutions and roadmaps to impact.
Partnering for long-term impact
We launch Impact Teams to unlock ambitious solutions and Changemaker programmes to inspire all of society.
WHat others say about us
“The power of different thinking and reflecting can only happen if there is a true conversation. I think that’s what is so unique about the Bridge Institute.”
Chris Langwallner
Co-Founder and CEO, WhatIF Foods
Our latest programmes: