The Jammu & Kashmir Leadership, Entrepreneur, and Changemaker Programmes

The Jammu & Kashmir Leadership, Entrepreneur, and Changemaker Programmes
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The Jammu & Kashmir Leadership, Entrepreneur, and Changemaker Programmes

Since 2014, the Bridge Institute has initiated a pioneering series of leadership programmes in collaboration with the J&K Government, where the most influential stakeholders of the region come together to build a more peaceful, prosperous, and inclusive society. The programmes bring together leaders from diverse backgrounds, including education, civil society, religious leaders, academia, media, businesses, entrepreneurs, police, young leaders, etc. and equip them with the leadership skills to find meaningful and significant solutions for a better future for all.

Through the programmes, we aim to achieve personal transformation for each of the participants. The programme focuses on developing specific leadership capacities, including insight-led leadership, visionary leadership and being at one’s best, entrepreneurship skills, changemaking skills, etc.. Importantly, as part of this transformative experience, the leaders solve live, pressing societal challenges for their region throughout the programme.

Partner organisations

The Bridge Institute

The Bridge Institute brings business, government and civil leaders together to solve the seemingly impossible problems of our time. The Institute prepares the leaders who want to change the world with the leadership skills to do so. The Bridge Institute acts as a catalyst for change, brokering key stakeholders (political leaders, civil leaders, youth leaders, etc.) to build their capacity to lead in partnership and collaborate on their shared societal challenge. We bring these leaders together with the world’s leading experts and change makers so they can collaborate and contribute to critical thinking and problem solving. By preparing these extraordinary people with leadership skills to be a force for good, by transforming mind sets and connecting communities we are able to contribute to the vision of a more peaceful, fair and prosperous society.

The Jammu and Kashmir Skill Development Mission Society

The Jammu and Kashmir Skill Development Mission Society (JKSDM) has been constituted by the Government of Jammu & Kashmir. The Mission aims to integrate various skill development efforts in the state and train unskilled and semi- skilled youth of the state and connect them with the job market. The purpose of the Mission is to create an all-encompassing integrated structure for streamlining various skill development programmes and play a pivotal role in monitoring, coordination, facilitating and providing overall policy direction for skill development activities in J&K.