Connecting Communities

Bringing political, civil and youth leaders together to collaborate on their shared societal challenges and enhance pluralism, inclusion and trust.
We broker the key stakeholders (political leaders, civil leaders, youth leaders, etc.) and build their capacity to lead in partnership, collaborate and problem-solve together to address their shared societal challenges.

Enhancing the leadership capacity of the civil, political and youth leaders in the region


There is increasing evidence that developing leaders enhances their capacity to achieve higher results, be agile and more values driven. The businesses that invest most in their leadership outperform their peers over time. It is our belief that this notion can be extended to societal and government leaders.


Brokering political, civil and youth leaders to identify joint projects


The importance of involving youth leaders in peace building is crucial – the vast majority of people involved in insurgency and violent uprisings involve people from the ages of 17 to 30. Studies on the role of youth in conflict and peace building that you youth can either be agents for change or spoilers of the peace-building process.

“The program was a blessing for me. At the time I was a hardliner and orthodox about a particular political idea. This programme, and the facilitators especially, have made me realize that the world exists beyond these self-constructed imaginary walls and every person has a point of view and that is the beauty of this garden.”

Civil Rights Leader

“The most important impact of this programme on me is that now, I can think peacefully and act non-violently.”

Lead Human Rights Lawyer

Case Study

South Asia

20 youth leaders from South Asia were brought together to identify strategies that will enhance reconciliation and peace-building.

The programme was a mixture of leadership development and a strategic process, with experts from the peace processes of Northern Ireland, Yugoslavia and South Africa.

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