Changing Mindsets

Catalysing large-scale mindset shifts from a narrative of anger, criticism and violence towards empathy, integrative thinking and compassion.
We believe those battling for peace in the ever increasing unrest and conflict around the world require a unique set of leadership abilities that are critical for any kind of lasting solution.

Our mindset tools help leaders under duress enhance their levels of consciousness when it matters most


We help leaders identify truth versus judgment, to convert from a narrative of anger, criticism and violence towards empathy, integrative thinking and compassion.


We bring renowned peacebuilding and reconciliation experts to share their wisdom


Whilst every conflict is different, there are some powerful lessons to be learnt from those who have helped navigate other regions in the world from conflict to sustained peace.

“The work done by the Bridge Institute in these last 18 months here has made a greater impact than all of the combined work of the NGO’s. I wish you came here 20 years ago. You have started a revolution of empowerment.”

Lead Human Rights Lawyer

“The workshop made me more tolerant and I have started accepting ideas and opinions from others. I think I have already learned and started to be more patient and open up myself so that people are given a chance to be heard.”

Civil Rights Leader

“These workshops will play a great role in shaping the youth of the future. The participation from all communities is a must in these processes. To know about subjective standpoints interaction with people from both ruling as well as opposition parties need to be encouraged.”

Civil Rights Leader

Meet Kadisha*

South Asia

Kadisha is a young women who lost her father in an uprising when she was five years old. She spent much of her youth committing to avenge the death of her father. In 2014, she attended a programme by The Bridge Institute.

The experience fundamentally shifted her outlook on the world. She concluded that violence escalates to further violence and has thus dedicated her life to non-violence.

She has since been enhancing the transparency of law and accountability in her society, significantly enhancing peaceful behaviour in her region.

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