What we do

Our work has had a life-changing impact on our clients, their families and the people and communities with whom we interact


We make a difference to others’ lives by unlocking collective genius to make a systemic difference to a society or community. We convene diverse groups of stakeholders and build the capacity of those affected by the issue to lead in partnership, collaborate and problem-solve together to address their shared societal or community challenges.

We enable them to continue the work we start into the future by creating a shared sense of possibility and momentum for them to lead for this together, without the necessity of our continued assistance and support.

Our action plan for peaceful and inclusive societies

Changing Mindsets

Solving seemingly impossible problems requires looking at them in a new way. In challenging contexts, views can become entrenched and loyalties fixed. The skilled facilitators from The Bridge Institute help leaders break the deadlock. Through courageous conversations we help them shift from apathy, anger, criticism or violence towards empathy, compassion and collaboration.

Connecting Communities

Often seemingly impossible problems are approached in silos – remarkable people trying to address part of the puzzle without coming together. But we live up to our name, building a bridge between political, civil and youth leaders. At the invitation of governments, NGOs, businesses, we identify the right people to solve a particular problem and give them the leadership skills to tackle it together.

Challenging Convention

For years, corporates have understood the importance of asking outsiders to look at their business. These advisers are independent and impartial; they challenge conventional thinking. Through The Bridge Institute we do the same for those on the front line of the world’s impossible problems.

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