Our Mission

History tells us that all the great movements for change have one thing in common. The abolitionists, women’s suffrage, civil rights, human rights, equal rights – they all had great leadership.

The world is blessed with inspirational leaders who have dedicated their lives to protecting the societies they serve. They are already a powerful force for good. By investing in these leaders, and giving them the skills to be at their extraordinary best, we can move further, faster towards a more peaceful, fairer and more prosperous society.

This is the mission of The Bridge Institute.

SDG17 – Solving the Global Goals

Humanity is confronted with some of the most profound challenges of all times. Questions we thought were dealt with long time ago, all of a sudden threaten our basic needs. Can we produce enough nutritious food, do we have enough clean water, fresh air and sustainable energy? Can our complex global economy ever be just and fair for all?

To leave a better world for generations to come, we need to embrace wholeheartedly the urgency and quickly agree to doing things differently. We need to act with an united force on a global scale and unleash resources not seen yet. This is a gigantic ask because no single person, company, stakeholder or government can achieve the breakthroughs alone. It takes new partnerships, new working relationships and new measures to win the race against time.

The Bridge Institute and Bridge have developed a pioneering methodology that genuinely takes on these challenges, called SDG17. SDG17 unlocks the transformative power of government, business and non-profits working together to solve the most urgent problems.

The SDG17 programmes have been pioneered in challenges such as education reform, sustainable food, combatting of trafficking of women and children and combatting gender-based violence, and peacebuilding, with significant positive results for the partners involved.

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