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Caring, Courage and the Power to Transform

Inspired by our transformational work in Asia, now is the time to expand and address the needs in North and Latin America. Take a look what we have accomplished over the last five years.

The Big Hurdles for Transforming Our Greatest Challenges

If you’ve arrived at this page, it’s likely that you already embody the Bridge Institute’s values of caring and courage as well as the personal and positional power to have a substantial impact on some the world’s greatest challenges.

It’s also likely that as you’ve run into the following hurdles as you’ve initiated or supported efforts to address some the world’s largest humanitarian and environmental problems:

    How do we deal with the complexities of the problem, with its roots often both deeply and broadly embedded across the spectrum of firmly held cultural norms, cycles of limiting belief systems and economic disparity?


    How do we bring all the right people to the table who have a responsibility for and a stake in the problem and its resolution?

    How do we then align those stakeholders around a common vision and a committed course of action to ensure sustainable impact?

    But … What if?

    We combined a uniquely powerful methodology that embraced complexity, unlocked critical insights, and provided critical leadership skills, facilitated by a world-class team?


    We provided undeniable personal, organizational and societal value for key stakeholders and people of influence to gather and lead together at their extraordinary best in service of addressing the challenge?

    We aligned these stakeholders around a compelling vison and a deep level of trust that served their individual and collective agendas while engaging them in a longer-term leadership journey focused on being a force for good and accelerating the impact of personal, organizational and societal transformation?

    The Bridge Institute Solution:

    Designed to both accelerate and deepen the impact of any of the other 16 Sustainability Development Goals programs addressing a societal or environmental need.

    To view a detailed overview of the program, download our current report:

    Caring, Courageous and Curious to Know More?

    Caring, Courage and the Power to Transform

    We’ve completed the following programs in Asia-Pacific that we feel are particularly applicable
    to the challenges and opportunities in Latin America:

    The Kashmir Fellowship

    Working with youth leaders in Kashmir to create strategies and commitments to non-violence.


    The Kalinga Fellowship

    Bringing government, police, business and civil society leaders together to make a breakthrough in the reduction of sexual assaults on and violence towards girls in India.


    The Sri Lanka Fellowship

    Bringing youth leaders from across Sri Lanka to work with the government on how they can reconcile the nation after 30 years of civil war.


    Why Latin America Now?

    Building off Bridge’s 30 years of experience with corporations and organizations and the Bridge Institute’s successful experience in Asia-Pacific over the past five years, the time is right to expand our scope and value and address the needs in North and Latin America.

    Latin America in particular, with its range of human and environmental challenges, presents a unique opportunity for the SDG17 program. Both history and research confirm that the complexies of cultures, economies and politics in many regions across Latin America do not lend themselves well to conventional approaches to the challenges stated in the SDGs.

    With SDG17 as an enabler, however, many of the current programs and initiatives can be transformed through a facilitated process that ensures a different quality of thinking across the what, why, who and how aspects of the challenge.

    What to expect from a partnership with the Bridge Institute in Latin America?

    Changing Mindsets

    Solving seemingly impossible problems requires looking at them in a new way. In challenging contexts, views can become entrenched and loyalties fixed. The skilled facilitators from Bridge help leaders break through conditioned thinking and open to new perspectives and insights. Through courageous conversations we help people within and across the system to shift from feelings of apathy, anger, criticism or violence to ones of empathy, compassion, conviction and collaboration.

    Connecting Communities

    Seemingly impossible problems are often approached in silos – with well-intended people trying to address a piece of the puzzle without coming together and seeing the bigger picture. Living true to our name, we build bridges connecting political, civil, business and youth leaders. At the invitation of governments, NGOs and businesses, we identify the right people to solve pressing problems and give them the leadership skills to tackle it together.

    Challenging Convention

    For years, corporates have understood the importance of asking outsiders to look at their business. These advisers are independent and impartial and challenge conventional thinking. We at Bridge we do the same for those on the front line of the world’s impossible problems.

    Caring, Courageous and Curious to Know More?

    Meet our Latin America Team

    Michael Connor

    Michael Connor

    Michael Connor is a Principal Consultant with BRIDGE with over 25 years of transformational consulting, coaching and facilitation experience with multi-national companies and NGOs across the globe. A former CEO, adjunct professor and father of two, he is committed to playing his part in bringing forward a new generation of leaders who are caring, courageous and committed to a better future for all.
    Alvaro Cuba

    Alvaro Cuba

    Alvaro Cuba is a Senior Executive with 30+ years of global experience in a variety of leadership roles including Operations & Supply Chain, Commercial and General Management in CPG,Textile, Automotive, Electronics and Internet industries across several regions and cultures. He is committed to playing his part in bringing to Latin America capability, method and resources to help leaders to solve the seemingly impossible challenges in the region.

    Tammy Papadopoulos

    Tammy Papadopoulos

    Tammy Papadopoulos is a Project Manager with BRIDGE with over 20 years in the service industry. In her role, she uses her attention for detail, organizational skills and passion to bring together NGOS and organizations in creative and rewarding ways that benefit all involved. She is also the mother of two teenagers recently adopted from Bulgaria.
    Fredrik Andersson

    Fredrik Andersson

    Fredrik works as Global Client Manager at BRIDGE. He held positions as board co-ordinator for a Mayfair/London law firm, communication executive for a FTSE 100 company and he started his career in the Swedish Foreign Office where one of the his positions was as one of three project managers for Sweden’s first EU Presidency. His passion is to help individuals and organizations to make a real difference in their communities and create a more liberated and safe world.

    Next steps

    As we bring our work to North and Latin America, we are building both our team and our network to ensure the success of the projects we support. Being a member of our team or network can take many forms, with our initial priorities being identifying key partners across the business, government and social sectors and securing funding for the projects we will be addressing.

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