Dr. RS Praveen Kumar is Secretary, Telangana Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society (TSWREIS). He is senior Indian Police Service officer who chose to “give back” to the underprivileged community to which he belongs. Dr Praveen Kumar manages and governs 268 residential government owned and funded educational institutions (from 5th standard to Undergraduate level) imparting English medium education to more than 150,000 students. He was a 2017 Kalinga Fellow and in 2018 he was one of main organisers of Kalinga Fellowship in Hyderabad, Telengana. The government organisation he heads, TSWREIS, was one main partners of Bridge Institute for Kalinga Fellowship 2018.

As a Kalinga Fellow and one of the most outstanding Change Leaders in India at the moment, Dr Praveen Kumar has put on record the contribution Kalinga Fellowship made in sharpening the game-changing initiatives of TSWREIS.


  1. Advice for Leaders
  2. Impact of Kalinga Fellowship
  3. Uniqueness of Bridge Institute & Kalinga Fellowship
  4. Changemaking Sites – Homes and Classrooms
  5. The Swaero Commandments
  6. Conquering Mt. Everest
  7. Power of Sports
  8. Power of Vulnerability
  9. Importance of Identity
  10. Building Organisational Culture
  11. Bringing Stakeholders Together
  12. Purpose Leadership
  13. Dropping Guns
  14. Those Who Shaped Him
  15. Growing Underpriviled
  16. Giving Back
  17. Complete Interview (1h)

01 | Advice for Leaders

02 | Impact of Kalinga Fellowship

03 | Uniqueness of Bridge Institute & Kalinga Fellowship

04 | Changemaking Sites – Homes and Classrooms

05 | The Swaero Commandments

06 | Conquering Mt. Everest

07 | Power of Sports

08 | Power of Vulnerability

09 | Importance of Identity

10 | Building Organisational Culture

11 | Bringing Stakeholders Together

12 | Purpose Leadership

13 | Dropping Guns

14 | Those Who Shaped Him

15 | Growing Underpriviled

16 | Giving Back

One Hour Interview

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